Softball Team Gains Experience

This year the softball team consisted of many new players. There were several freshmen, and even most of the sophomores, juniors, and seniors had never played before. The team was coached by Mr. and Mrs. Everett, who volunteered to be coaches.

“Almost everyone on the team had never played before,” senior Mackenzie Smith said.

Despite the team not winning as much as they envisioned, they still looked at the season as a success.

“I think the softball season went well, I learned a lot about a sport I have never played and developed lots of good friendships. I do look at this season as a success…it was more about having fun and learning than winning,” Mackenzie said.

“Everyone on the team is just playing to have fun and as long as we’re having fun it’s a success,” sophomore Ainsley Smith said.

“The softball season was a success in my eyes because every member of the team came very far in their skills,” junior Laura Everett said.

“I look at this season as a success because so many people came out and tried a sport they’ve never played,” sophomore
Emerson Meggers said.

While Covid-19 didn’t affect the season as much as it did other sports, it still did play a role.

“Because of Covid, there was a new rule about sharing equipment between teams during a game. Both teams must provide their own game ball and take it out onto the field with them in each inning,” Laura said.

“The covid situation wasn’t that bad. All we had to do was wear our masks in the dugout,” said Emerson.

This softball season proved to be a season filled with fun and learning experiences.

“I learned a lot about fielding and the specific plays to start outs. This summer I will miss playing in games,” said Laura.

The softball team finished with a record of 2-4, having them finish third in their league.

Although this might not be the season they envisioned, they certainly had a good time playing.