Volleyball Team Finishes Strong

This year, the Volleyball team enjoyed having a season despite it not being as anticipated. The boys team was able to compete in a few games, however the girls team did not have a season.

“The season definitely did not go as I expected considering we didn’t even get to have one,” senior Kayla Aas said.

However, the boys team did enjoy their shortened season.

“The season has gone much better than I expected, at first I doubted that we
would even have games so the fact that we are able to play already exceeds my expectations,” senior Sean Tracy said.

“From the looks of it I think we’re gonna do pretty well.. We lost our first game against a team that was finishing their season by two points in the 5th game, so I’m hoping with continued practice we’ll start taking some wins,” junior Kaden Connelley said.

A lot of players plan to keep playing volleyball past this season, as they have enjoyed playing very much.
“I’m definitely going to play next year, it’s a fun sport full of fun people, plus I want to get my senior season in,” Kaden said.

“I plan to keep playing, it’s a sport that I enjoy playing and I would like to continue to improve,” Sean said. While the season has only featured a limited amount of games, players still have takeaways.

“I think everyone plays a big part in the whole of the team, but I’ll put a little spotlight on Garrett. Even as the youngest player on the team he’s one of the most versatile, and I think his intensity during games helps everyone play their best,” Kaden said.

“We’ve only played John Adam’s so far so they were very obviously our toughest opponents, but they had a couple very strong outside hitters which made the game more challenging. We haven’t finished the season yet, but we have had a game and even though we lost that game, I was really happy with how we played,” Sean said.