Falcons Defeat Lower Lake on September 3


Airu He

The football players were getting ready to the game.

Falcons defeated Lower Lake High School Trojans at home on September 3. There were some big plays in the game. 

1st quarter: #7 big hit on the Lower Lake kicker knocked him over, turnover hit stick by Tristin Creed, pass downfield to #5 Dominique Ruff.

2nd quarter: Hunter Jackson touchdown, Dominique Ruff with the 2 point conversion, Dom for a big catch downfield, touchdown Hunter Jackson with the extra point.

3rd quarter: Downfield catch by Dom Ruff, Wesley Krier with a touchdown, Levi West with many jukes on Trojan defenders, big sack by defender on a big downfield run, Levi West with a touchdown, big sack by Noa Siaosi.

4th quarter: The football went back and forth between teams with no scores, final 34-0 VCS win.

“The  team played very well, especially on defense. We put a lot of pressure on the QB and it was a shutout. Lower Lake played pretty well but they weren’t as good as we expected. The team can improve on pass coverage and outside containment,” senior Bryce Pazdel said.

“We practice defending their air raids. For the next game, we need to improve our passing,” junior Hunter Jackson said.