Cross Country wins league

     VCS Cross Country is a big team. There are 11 boys and 11 girls in the team. Mrs. Mia Douglas and Dr. Jeff Gaborko are the coaches of the cross country team. 

     “Dr. Gaborko said he is an ‘Evil Doctor; because most of the time of practice was excruciating. Although we were tired after practice, we still love our coaches,” senior Jonathan Cui said. 

     The Cross Country team has 4 practices per week, Monday to Thursday. “In practice, the coach taught us how to improve our endurance and technique for running. I think the practice improves how we perform in the race,” sophomore Taylor Woo said.

     There will be a meet every one or two weeks. Tuesday, October 28 was the last race of the league season. Both the women and men’s team got first place.

     “I’m happy because we won. In the beginning, there is a steep hill called “Big Mama.” That one was difficult for many runners. That’s the most challenging part for me in the course,” Taylor said.

     The boy’s cross country team’s rank is 7 and the girl’s rank is 5 in the league.