Men’s Volleyball Wins First Match


Rocky Xiao

Will Kroll, Kaden Connelley and Carter Peters prepare for the hit.

The men’s volleyball team has begun competition. Members this year are seniors Rohan Aujla (co-captain), Kaden Connelley, Josiah Kim, and Kyle Smith; juniors Hunter Jackson, Will Kroll, Garrett Kuch (co-captain) and Carter Peters; sophomores Tyler Aas and Miles Payan; and freshmen Adam Foreman, Christian Gomez, Liam Hilscher, Ricky Huang, Brian Laxamana, Rei Libatique, Angelo Lugo, and Max Smith. Their coach is Ms. Alicia Borges. Their first official game was Friday, February 25 vs. Woodland Christian at 6 pm at the VCS Gym.

In their first game, most of the seniors and juniors participated. Due to a large number of freshmen, the number of people who got the opportunity to play was very small. The final score was 3-2,  as the Falcons won their first game of the season. 

They started to practice on February 7 and practice every day from 3-5 except Tuesday. “This season will be a definite growing year. The underclassmen are showing up and working hard,” Coach Borges said.

“We usually practice in different positions and do hitting. It was fun and I really enjoyed it,” senior Kaden Connelley said.

“I wasn’t there on last Friday, but I think our team members had a nice beginning for the season!” senior Josiah Kim said.