Coed Golf Team Drives to the Top of the Leaderboard


Mason Releford

Christian Gomez, TJ Damon, and Philip Lee smile as they prepare to beat Linden.

The Falcon Golf team won their first game in four years on March 15, 2022, against Linden! Golf had their last win in 2018, when they won by nearly 100 strokes against Bradshaw Christian.

The team’s at Linden again on April 5, 2022. The team is made up of 9 players: 5 freshmen, 2 juniors, and 2 seniors.

Golf is scored in a different way than most sports in that the team with the lowest score wins. Each time a player hits the ball, it’s called a stroke. The Golf Course has set a certain number which they believe is the the maximum amount of strokes used for each hole. That number is called par. The goal is to get under par. To do this you have to use fewer strokes to get from the tee to the hole.

The golf team currently has 6 wins and 0 losses for the season.

“Golf requires a lot of concentration and repetition to get good at. Seeing myself improve and beating my friends is what makes golf very enjoyable,” freshman Philip Lee said.

The Falcon Golf Team is on track for an amazing season if they keep on winning. They aim for Sierra Delta Championships and they are currently on track to land on top.

“Working together as a team, being out there for a long time can hurt your mental state, so staying strong together is important,” senior Nani Tabura said. Nani is the only girl currently on the Golf Team.