Girls Softball Challenges


Mrs. McFadden

Lilly Ojeda is up to bat against Elite. Final score was a Falcon win, 21-2.

The girls softball team is doing great so far, with a record of 4 wins 3 losses. They are 3-3 in league. Their first game was against Elite, a non-league game. The final score was a win for VCHS, 21-2, to start the Falcon season off strong. The second game was against Rio Vista. The final score was 9-0, ending with a Falcon victory.

“I think we’re pretty good with how many new players we have,” junior Ainsley Smith said. They have 13 people on the team with 2 freshman, 3 sophomores, 4 juniors, and 4 seniors. Head coach is Ruben Martinez and assistant coach Matt Stonebraker.

The team is 1-1 with Rio Vista, with a 9-0 win away and a 3-5 loss at home. The Falcons have gone 2-0 with Esparto(19-6 and 8-4), have lost both games against Linden (4-10 and 1-12). Since Highlands didn’t field a team, the team didn’t play the week of March 30.

The girls played San Juan Tuesday, April 5, which ended with a win (11 -2), and are looking forward to their second game against San Juan on Thursday, April 7; and then after Easter Break will be playing Golden Sierra on Tuesday and Thursday April 26 and 28. The last game, non-league, is against Woodland Christian on May 3.