Freshman Students Have Group Discussions


Garrett Kuch

Freshman students, Miles Payan, Nathan Mclendon, Tyler Aas, Teagan Gonzales, Bryce Linton, Larry Lewis,and Mackenzie West all participate in their group discussion during chapel on March 2, 2021 in room 104.

In chapel during the week of March 1-March  the freshman all met in room 104, the testimonies station, and heard Mr. Paulo Mikelionis testimony. Mr. Mikelionis, or Mr. M, as he is better known, is a PE teacher in the Elementary School and also has coached many high school sports over the years.

“The topic of Mr. M’s testimony is about how we can find identity in our lives through God,” freshman Nathan McLendon said.  Toward the end of his presentation, Mr. M told the students to split into small groups to discuss what they heard and how they could build on it. “What I liked most about his testimony is that he talked about experiences that we could relate to our lives as freshmen in high school.” Nathan said.