Seniors Create Crosses


Garrett Kuch

Senior Miyah Harris creates a cross out of metal in chapel on March 2, 2021, in the MP.

In chapel during the week of March 1-March 5 the seniors were in the MP, the artistic expressions station, and spent their time creating metal crosses.  They were given metal wires and Mrs. Cassinelli, who ran the chapel, gave the seniors instruction as they went on how to create a cross.“I felt like the purpose was to represent our relationship with God and how we are intertwined with him in our lives,” senior Max Kroll said. After they had built the crosses they were able to add beads, rope, and other color wire to their crosses if they desired to. The hope of building these crosses was a way to show our love for God and build a stronger relationship with him. “It made me feel closer to him,” Max said.